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Consultation about operational test and evaluation (OT&E) services for rotorcraft flight performance assessments, flight envelope extension, engine failure conditions, accident investigation, stability and control (e.g. sling loads)?

A range of simulation tools like ARTs FLIGHTLAB, a rotorcraft modelling, analysis, and real-time simulation development tool, the in-house developed EMPRESS tool for accurate rotorcraft performance prediction for the whole flight envelope (as covered by a flight manual) and beyond and EUROPA to conduct flight procedure computations. Our Helicopter Pilot Station (HPS) is a reconfigurable engineering simulator for pilot-in-the-loop studies, which includes a wide field of view, control loaders, reconfigurable instrument displays and flight mechanics models. Models are available for a wide range of rotorcraft high fidelity (up to level D training simulator).

Our rotorcraft expertise and our high fidelity modelling capabilities allow us to provide real-time flight dynamics models for training simulators meeting EASA/FAA simulator standards.

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