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What we have
  • To take the next step in safety culture improvement?
  • A more effective Safety Management System?
  • First-hand safety information from your operations staff?
  • Better information about your safety risks?
  • To get all your personnel safety-minded?
  • The best safety culture framework to achieve this?

Evaluation and development of safety culture is the next step in the improvement of aviation safety. Safety improvement programs have to be assured and secured in a sound and mature safety culture to obtain their full advantage and benefits.

NLR has a seven step safety culture improvement approach that helps organisations in the aviation industry to be number 1 in safety. This is done by reinforcing weak safety culture areas and fully exploiting strong areas, unlike other services that provide a one-off, fragmented view on your safety culture without advice about how to take your organization to the next level of safety culture maturity.

We offer a solution that is tailored to your requests and organization, which provides:

  • A safety culture framework of detailed, interrelated safety culture dimensions and indicators which is selected as the best practice for safety culture assessments by the European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI). ESSI represents Europe’s main stakeholders such as EASA, IATA, Airbus and EUROCONTROL.
  • A reliable safety culture assessment service to the aviation industry;
  • An opportunity for all personnel to express their views on safety culture and ways for improvement, irrespective of the size of the assessed organisation;
  • Means to monitor improvement processes;
  • Safety culture benchmarking opportunities in all sectors of the aviation industry;
  • Highly relevant results due to close interaction with the organizations and first-hand input from employees from all levels of the organization.
  • The seven step safety culture improvement approach ranges from expert advice about follow-up steps and potential interventions, to assistance in the change management process to accomplish actual changes in safe behaviour and safety performance.


  • Safety minded staff
  • Improved insight into risks
  • Effective Safety Management System

Track record

Some of our major customers with the ambition to be number 1 in safety by fostering their safety culture include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qantas, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, NetJets, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Menzies Aviation, Aviapartner, Goodyear and many more, as indicated on the map.

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