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  • To optimize the aerodynamics of the ship’s superstructure and reduce exhaust gas nuisance above the flight deck?
  • To optimize the integration of air operations early in the design phase of ships?
  • To ensure flight safety with optimal operational capabilities on small vessels or frigates?
  • To determine Ship-Helicopter Operational Limits (SHOL)?

The tools and methodologies to assess the impact of ship superstructure design and ship dynamics on the rotorcraft performance and workload of the pilot and more than 40 years of experience. Our approach allows you to safely define the extensive Ship-Helicopter Operational Limitations for major (military) customers and has been incorporated into the Netherlands Military Aviation Regulations.

SHOLs are predicted by ship wind tunnel testing and making detailed shore-based low-speed flight trials with the helicopter and simulations. The SHOL predictions are validated with sea based flight trials using NLR instrumented helicopters and ships. The experimental tasks are supported by piloted simulations to efficiently prepare the flight test programme and analyse the flight test results. We have also developed tools for ship designers to use to increase the insight into air wake conditions and smoke dispersion at an early stage of the preliminary design.

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