Do you need
What we have
  • Cost-effective development of dedicated thermal control systems (10 W-100 kW)?
  • Two-phase heat transport systems (two-phase pumped loops, loop heat pipes, oscillating heat pipes, vapour chambers)?
  • High thermal stability thermal control systems (mK-level)?
  • Lightweight and mini thermal control systems?
  • Design, modelling, prototyping, development testing and qualification of satellite and aerospace cooling systems?
  • Conductivity testing of carbon fibre panels (guarded hot plate method)?
  • Design and delivery of filling systems for heat pipes, cooling systems and spacecraft storage tanks?
  • Thermal modelling and testing of aerospace wiring?
  • High end (aero)space pumps or micro-pumps for small satellites?
  • Qualified R&D and Test engineers
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers (with IR-window and IR-camera), Thermal cycling chamber
  • Thermal laboratory (pumps, flow meters, cooling baths, cold plates)
  • Software (ESATAN, ThermXL, Abacus FEA, Matlab, Mathcad, Labview)
  • Close co-operation with REALTECHNOLOGIE AG a high end supplier of (aero)space pumps

The thermal vacuum facility is part of the NLR environmental test facilities for a complete one-stop environmental test campaign.

Major customers are: AMS02 (CERN), NASA, Stork Fokker Elmo, ASML, Thales, ESA, Bradford Engineering and Dutch Space.

NLR was a leader in the development of the Tracker Thermal Control Cooling system for AMS02, a dedicated two-phase cooling system which has been operating on ISS since May 16 2011.

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