Do you need
What we have
  • Flawless integration of your model in any wind tunnel
  • Acquisition of additional flow data by means of instrumentation systems
  • Accurate measurement of aerodynamic characteristics by means of main balances
  • Maximum return out of your wind tunnel tests

You need to integrate a wind tunnel model in a wind tunnel, for static models by means of stings and main internal or external balances or for powered models with integration of pressurized air piping.

You want to update your wind tunnel with specialized instrumentation systems or you want to save test costs and improve your model efficiency by means of smart features such as remote controls and local balances or you simply want to enchance the sensory functionality of your model.

NLR has extensive experience with one-of-a-kind products and is used to prototyping and perfecting tailor engineered devices. Typical devices and tools for wind tunnels, model integration and enhancement that are part of our portfolio are:

  • Remote controls for control surfaces of wind tunnel models
  • Model stings and adapters (also instrumented with strain gauges)
  • Test rig support for air powered propellers including pressure piping
  • Pressure rakes
  • Six component full or half model balances (also for cryogenic applications)
  • Wind tunnel parts and instrumentation

NLR can help you get the most out of your test by designing, manufacturing and instrumenting specialized wind tunnel equipment.

NLR can assist you from the early beginning of the project until the commissioning and beyond.

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