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A highly sophisticated wind tunnel model that enables you to conduct vital wind tunnel tests that focus on:

  • a wide range of surface deflections
  • acquisition of static and dynamic pressures
  • (rotational) force and moment measurements
  • power systems such as jet engine simulators or driven (composite) propellers

or any combination thereof for subsonic, transonic and/or supersonic wind tunnel testing in ambient, pressurized, cryogenic or icy conditions?

We deliver smart models containing:

  • Local force and moment balances
  • Air driven jet engine simulators
  • Air driven propellers in metal or composite
  • Remote controls for (angular) adjustment of control surfaces, for low or high speed
  • Remote controls for specials like parachutes, refueling hose and drogues
  • Rapid prototyping parts to create parts with internal structures such as pressure tubing
  • Six component rotational balances including telemetry systems for data and power transmission from rotating to static domain
  • Implementation of extensive amounts of static pressure taps and/or dynamic pressure transducers

We have ample experience with all kinds of wind tunnel models and wind tunnels all over the world. We understand the importance of an efficient and cost effective wind tunnel model and the implications that has for design and manufacture. We translate your needs into a smart wind tunnel model with unrivalled functionality that shortens wind tunnel occupation time and improves test data tailoring.

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