Acquisition and Deployment Support

The Challenge

The RNLAF is currently acquiring and deploying a unique multi-ship multi-type (MSMT) helicopter simulation training capability to support the fight, tactical and whole-task mission training of CH-47F and AH-64E crews at all operational levels. The MSMT capability will incorporate a large number of high-end simulation training devices, a tactical control centre (TCC), AAR and training mission development systems within a single flexible, scalable and easily expandable training environment that will have to cover a wide range of versatile training needs. Together with the many RLNAF stakeholders and industry parties involved in the acquisition and deployment of the capability, this makes the MSMT program a hugely demanding undertaking with many challenges and risks in achieving the envisioned objectives.

The Solution

The project results in a full lifecycle support process that reduces the burden on both the Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and the RNLAF in acquiring and deploying the MSMT capability. A support process that ultimately leads to the most versatile mission simulation training environment possible with the highest level of interactivity for the RNLAF within the programme budget and timeframe. Continuous availability and direct access to a dedicated pool of NLR training and simulation experts deployable at key positions within the DMO, RNLAF and contracted industry parties.

What we did

The MSMT programme was formulated as a staged process where each phase results in a training capability with limited but clearly scoped functionality To guide the process, the MSMT training capability concept of operations (ConOps) as envisioned has been developed with the RNLAF end users along with an overarching simulation training system architecture.

Throughout each programme phase, a multi-disciplinary team of NLR experts conducted activities that include:

  • Corporate and platform specific TNA/TMA
  • PoR development for simulators, TCC and AAR
  • RFI/RFP development and response assessment
  • Engaging and challenging industry parties
  • Integration testing and validation of industry deliverables
  • Simulation training method and technology CD&E
  • RoI analysis and decision-making assessment
  • Training programme optimisation for using the capability
  • Training mission development and operations support

Project partners

Dutch MoD (Defence Materiel Organisation)
Royal Netherlands Air Force Defence Helicopter Command
Research organisation: Royal NLR
Duration: 2018 – ongoing

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