Make safety top-of-mind throughout your organisation

A culture of safety is more important now than ever before

Continuous safety culture monitoring and improvement of safety culture is essential in aviation safety. In order to achieve maximum safety, safety improvement programmes have to be an integral part of an organisation’s safety culture.

NLR offers an online safety culture assessment tool, called ASC-IT, as well as an 7-step safety culture improvement program that helps organisations in the aviation industry to become first class in safety. This is achieved by addressing weak point in the company’s safety culture and further enhancing strong areas.

NLR’s Safety Culture Improvement Program will provide you will the tools, knowledge and insights to take your organization to highest levels of safety.


ASC-IT analyses your employees’ input and provides a complete, accurate, and relevant overview as well as safety advice.


NLR also provides support in improving your safety culture by facilitating safety workshops at your company. This will help your employees in getting aligned on safety behaviours and attitudes.


Do you need to make significant improvements to your Safety Culture? NLR’s provides expert consultants who will help in boosting your organisation’s Safety Culture, Safety Management, and Safety Performance.


NLR offers expert consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of Safety Culture, with expertise in over 40 safety culture assessments in various sectors, totalling to a number of approximately 35.000 participants.


Our ASC-IT online safety culture assessment allows you to perform a thorough evaluation of the perceptions about safety of all relevant employees within your organisation; from anywhere, at any time.


We are based in Amsterdam, but we are experienced in serving aviation worldwide. We can work locally as well as remote, flexible to meet your specific needs.

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ASC-IT: FREE Safety Culture Assessment and 7-Step Improvement Programme

Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) has developed a 7-step safety culture improvement programme, to assist companies in improving their current Safety Culture. The figure below shows ASC-IT clients’ global experience.

ASC-IT worldwide experience

The results our safety culture improvement programme range from expert advice regarding implementation steps to interventions to supporting the change management process to measuring changes in safety culture.

Did you know?

  • ASC-IT is applied by a wide range of clients in the aviation industry across Europe, South-East Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Africa.
  • ASC-IT was developed from a broad scientific review of both existing and emerging safety culture frameworks.
  • The ASC-IT Safety Culture Improvement Program is applicable to all organisations in the aviation industry.