Low-cost and high-fidelity training technology

The Challenge

Training devices that fit your training needs often require large investments and are usually type -specific. There are currently no training devices that allow highly realistic interaction between the pilot and cockpit instruments, without the disadvantages associated with expensive high-end devices. The Virtual Cockpit bridges this gap by providing the technology to do just that: low-cost and high-fidelity training technology.

The Solution

The result is a concept demonstrator that allows highly realistic interaction and provides pilots with all the visual, auditory and haptic experience and feedback that they need for a high-fidelity training experience. This technology concept also provides the ability to build a highly configurable and mobile setup with a small footprint that is still low-cost.

What we did

By combining NLRs state-of-the-art modelling & simulation and customer operational knowledge, we created a radical new low-cost mixed reality cockpit solution with natural human-machine interaction capabilities. Our concept involves smart integration of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, 3D printing, virtual reality and finger/hand tracking into a type-customisable simulated working environment with a natural feel.

The concept was evaluated and improved with operational experts in several iterations throughout the project.

The Virtual Cockpit has been used by international and national customers to carry out concept development and experimentation, and projects on evasive manoeuvre training.

Project partners

Industry (NL):
Cinoptics, provision of high-res VR-optics
Research organisation: Royal NLR

Start: October 2016
Duration: 2.5 years

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