Testing environment for military study, demonstration and research purposes

NLR provides a battle lab capability by integrating high-fidelity platform simulators with additional proof-of-concept demonstrators and extensions to other battle labs. Cerebro can ultimately also be coupled to live systems when connected to e.g. a Link-16, DIS or HLA gateway.

Cerebro can be used for both small and larger projects that require multiple simulators to work in an integrated environment. The extensive use of platform simulators and computer-generated forces will reduce the costs while enabling testing of new functionalities concepts in a safe and classified environment.

Broad range of research and testing applications

Technical specifications – simulation set-up

The steps for concept development in Cerebro are cyclical, as is usual in CD&E and DT&E processes. Before starting development, relevant background information is collected, research questions are formulated and ultimately conclusions are drawn and a report is written.

Battle lab based on virtualisation

The Cerebro infrastructure is fully based on a virtualisation solution, enabling rapid configuration and deployment of exercises with various tools, services, and simulators:

  • Quick configuration of simulation tooling and scenarios
  • Rapid deployment of simulation exercises to end-users
  • Core services readily integrated, e.g. terrain databases, scenarios, chat, simulation backbone
  • Promotes quick and agile development of simulation experiments


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