NLR had been a trusted partner in Europe’s Clean Sky programme since it began. Together with other Dutch industries, such as Fokker, and the TU Delft, NLR has contributed to the success of the first Clean Sky programme. NLR and its partners have been involved as associate members in the Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD) projects ‘Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft’, ‘Systems for Green Operations’, Green Rotor-Craft’ and ‘Eco-Design’ and the Technology Evaluator.

With the start of Clean Sky 2 NLR and its partners are in the process of once again becoming Core Partners in this prominent European innovation programme.

What does NLR offer the Clean Sky partners?

Besides the deployment of broad aviation knowledge, NLR has big test and simulation facilities for evaluation, verification and validation. For many of the various technologies presently under development, NLR collaborates with national and international clusters comprised of SMEs, industrial partners and universities. NLR thus strengthens the innovative position of the Clean Sky partners and the Integrated Technology Demonstrators, by offering suitable experimental and simulation capabilities.

NLR is open to team up with national and international partners to work on the challenges Clean Sky 2 is offering.