Do you need
What we have
  • Enhanced performance of your navigation system in aircraft, UAVs, vehicles or hand-held devices?
  • Insight into the performance of satellite navigation systems (Galileo, EGNOS, GPS)?
  • Support in the design of space and ground segments for new or improved satellite navigation solutions, including security, test and verification issues?
  • Advice on usage of existing satellite navigation systems, to solve your navigation problems or improve your location based services?
  • Relevant experience with designing, testing and verification of satellite navigation systems (GPS, Galileo, EGNOS), including security and performance issues
  • A Space System Simulation Laboratory (EUROSIM, STK, MATLAB/SIMULINK, MOSAIC) for space and ground segment simulation and test system development
  • A GNSS SIS performance monitoring and analysis facility called Celeste
  • Antennas, INS tracking, ATM, flight simulators, research aircraft, UAVs, geomatics and remote sensing which can all be integrated

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  • Aircraft landing
  • Galileo
  • GNSS design
  • GPS
  • Mission critical
  • Navigation accuracy
  • Navigation availability
  • Navigation continuity
  • Navigation integrity
  • Navigation performance
  • Navigation reliability
  • Navigation security
  • Precision navigation
  • Road pricing
  • Safety of life
  • Satellite navigation
  • Tracking and tracing