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With approximately 10,000 airports in the United States (a large portion of which are small outlying airports), ‘city-pair’ or ‘point-to-point’ operations, which permit commuters to land as close to their final destination as possible, are increasing in frequency. Southwest Airlines point-to-point model has been praised as an alternative to traditional hub-and-spoke operations. Decisions to adopt these different operational models may affect many areas of aviation including:

  • the introduction of new aircraft designed for non hub and spoke operations
  • large fleets of small aircraft instead of small fleets of large aircraft

Potential hazard

  1. Inadequate infrastructure at smaller airports
  2. Hazardous new routes into these airports for noise abatement and other traffic concerns

Corroborating sources and comments
NextGen and SESAR include such paradigm shifts.
A European perspective described in “Flight Path 2050” is that 90% of travelers within Europe are able to complete their journey, door-to-door within 4 hours. However this goal can be achieved with several means of transport and doesn’t mean necessarily large fleets of small aircraft that are competing with high-speed trains.

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NetJets Announces Largest Private Aviation Order In History: Purchase From Bombardier And Cessna Totals $9.6 Billion.
In the largest aircraft purchase in private aviation history, NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, announced Monday it will add up to 425 new aircraft to its worldwide fleet under purchase agreements with Cessna and Bombardier. The transaction has a total value of $9.6 billion and launches the new NetJets Signature Series of aircraft.

NetJets Chairman and CEO Jordan Hansell. “Beyond the size of this order, what makes the new NetJets Signature Series special are the latest in aircraft technology and in-cabin comfort features we will deliver for our owners. By increasing the range and endurance of our fleet, we will allow our owners to get to even more destinations worldwide.”

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