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Digital/electronic mock-ups are now being adopted by the industry as substitutes for the physical mock-ups. It should be recognized that the current digital mock-up capability together with available human modeling capability does not permit total maintenance/assembly task simulation (perhaps 2-5 years away). While any safety related risk is low, if a situation is not recognized during design phase, it will not emerge or be addressed until assembly of first aircraft. This results in a cost/schedule penalty and aircraft maintainability issues.

Potential hazard

  1. Maintenance errors arising from differences between the training environment and real line operations.
  2. Failure to maintain configuration control between maintenance simulators and actual aircraft physical hardware.

This should not be a hazard if:

  1. The use of various levels of simulation are carefully assessed and used accordingly.
  2. Assessment should include testing that ensures there is no negative transfer of learning from simulator to operations.

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