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  • Aircraft maintenance technicians to spend less time on training and more time on the job?
  • Improved competency levels of aircraft maintenance technicians?
  • A reduction of Aircraft On Ground costs?
  • A more efficient and effective maintenance training which reduces overall aircraft maintenance costs?

In cooperation with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, we developed a new training method using Augmented Reality. It adds interactive holograms to your learning environment, significantly reducing the need for a real aircraft. This method is specially developed for aircraft maintenance training and has proven to be more effective than traditional training methods.

The service we offer consists of an Augmented Reality application, implementation guidelines and integration support.

This training method makes it possible to show aircraft parts in your classroom and to study their behaviour through simulation and interactive exercises. This allows even the most difficult components (e.g. large components or inaccessible systems) to be examined in detail. The models are completely animated and annotated with information that is normally difficult to transfer by traditional means, such as changing temperatures and fuel flows. This new training method allows students to work together in groups in order to solve difficult problems. This cooperation is beneficial for training effectiveness, as interaction between students has been shown to increase competency.

Training by means of Augmented Reality in the classroom brings various additional advantages:

  • More knowledgeable maintenance technicians reduce Aircraft On Ground costs
  • Effectively combining theory and practice shortens overall training time, thereby lowering trainings costs while increasing the availability of maintenance technicians
  • A far more attractive classroom-based training, increasing learning speed
  • It eliminates the need for a real aircraft on the ground, reducing training scheduling complications and corresponding costs

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