Do you need
What we have
  • Support to develop your own small (collaborative) satellite (constellation)?
  • Support to develop an attitude and orbit control system (AOCS)?
  • Support regarding the qualification of your spacecraft at system and sub-system level?
  • Performance analysis of your space-based system in single, constellation, or swarm configuration?
  • Performance assessment of remote sensing satellites, including revisit time, coverage, resolution, orbit characteristics?
  • Reliability and failure analyses (RAMS)?
  • Real-time test system for AOCS?
  • Facilities for satellite system and sub-system design
  • Simulation facilities for mission analysis
  • Real-time simulator for AOCS testing (based on EUROSIM)
  • Clean rooms, shaker, thermal vacuum chambers, EMC/EMI laboratory
  • Additional capabilities for on-board data processing, structural analysis, and thermal control

We have 40 years of experience in developing and testing small satellites, such as ANS, IRAS and SLOSHSAT. We also supported the ground testing of SAX, XMM, Integral and Herschel-Planck.

Related Issues

  • Attitude control (AOCS)
  • Electric propulsion
  • Ground support equipment (EGSE)
  • Micro satellites
  • Mission analysis
  • Nano satellites
  • Orbit control
  • Real-time EuroSim simulators
  • Real-time test systems
  • Reliability & failure analysis (RAMS)
  • Satellite constellations
  • Satellite swarms
  • Satellite systems and subsystems
  • Small satellites
  • Space mission analysis
  • Space system engineering
  • Spacecraft assembly
  • Spacecraft integration
  • Spacecraft operation systems
  • Spacecraft verification