Do you need
What we have
  • Aircrews that can prepare, execute and debrief their missions efficiently?
  • Supporting systems and software adapted to your data and processing needs?
  • Planned mission details uploaded into the aircraft avionics before take-off?
  • Data stored during the mission downloaded post-flight, used for debriefing and stored for further analysis?
  • An experienced partner who can analyse your situation, provide advice and develop and implement solutions for identified problems?

Over 40 years of experience in supporting military Mission Planning & Debrief processes.

Our experience, drawn from mission support systems developed in-house, combines with the plug-in components currently developed for existing mission support software, such as PFPS/FalconView, JMPS and PCDS. This experience is backed up by NLR’s capabilities in supporting military operations, in training and testing, as well as in avionics development. This enables us to understand your user’s needs quickly and to provide both hardware and software solutions that match your specific requirements.

For the Royal Netherlands Air Force, we have built complete data loading applications for various types of aircraft, as well as data download and analysis software that converts raw data into formats and visualizations that are easy to understand. We are experienced in processing standardized recordings such as IRIG106 ch10 and standards like STANAG 4545 and 4609 for storage and dissemination of imagery.

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