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Modelling and simulation expertise for education and training, mission rehearsal, concept development and experimentation, and smart acquisition?

Expertise available which can help you solve any technical challenges in modelling & simulation, ensuring effective realism and cost efficiency. Effective and affordable simulations using smart computer generated forces for realistic mission training and rehearsal. We can make embedded and live virtual constructive training a reality.

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  • Civil aviation requirements for simulator training
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  • Distributed interactive simulation (DIS)
  • Distributed mission simulation (DMS)
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  • Embedded training simulation technology
  • Fast-jet fighter mission simulation
  • Federation development and execution process (FEDEP)
  • Fighter 4-Ship
  • Flight modelling
  • G-cueing
  • Generic method for VV&A (GM-VV)
  • Helicopter mission simulation
  • Helicopter pilot station (HPS)
  • High level architecture (HLA)
  • Imagery sensor simulation
  • Live virtual constructive simulation technology (LVC)
  • Military aviation requirements for simulator training
  • Mission support systems in a simulated mission environment
  • Mission training through distributed simulation (MTDS)
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Motion cueing
  • Multi-spectral visual databases
  • OpenFlight
  • Outside-world visualisation
  • Simulation scenario definition
  • Synthetic environment
  • Synthetic natural environment
  • Unmanned aerial system mission simulation (UAS)
  • validation and acceptance/accreditation (VV&A)
  • Verification
  • Weapons modelling