Do you need
What we have

To test your optical system on-board an aircraft

  • in different atmospheric conditions?
  • with specific demands regarding installation?
  • over a wide range of speeds and altitudes?
  • a flexible and affordable flight test facility representing over 90 years of experience
  • a modified and instrumented Cessna Citation II research aircraft
  • access to both smaller and larger test aircraft via partnerships
  • a design organisation based on Part 21
  • experience with flight testing of optical applications like
    • forward looking lidar (wake vortex and clear air turbulence detection)
    • sideward looking lidar (air data measurements)
    • particle imaging, light scattering (atmospheric measurements)
    • EO/IR sensors (detect and avoid applications for RPAS)
    • (high speed) video recording

in all kinds of weather from north pole to equator.

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