Do you need
What we have
  • 5 to 10% increase of runway throughput?
  • An additional landing per hour?
  • Insight in your runway throughput performance?
  • An overview of the bottlenecks in the runway throughput at your airport?
  • Increased accuracy in separation delivery?
  • Information on the potential benefits of new concepts for safe separation, such as RECAT and TBS?
  • A Safety Case to deploy a new separation concept?

NLR is and has been working on understanding and improving runway throughput for many years. Our track record includes:

  • Benefits analysis for Schiphol mainport
  • Development and validation of concepts like RECAT and TBS in SESAR research projects.
  • Review of RECAT-EU under contract to EASA
  • Involved in EUROCONTROL Wake Vortex Task Force
  • Survey of the current practice of separation delivery at major European airports (under contract to EUROCONTROL)
  • Development of structure and guidance material for a local RECAT Safety Case (as part of SESAR)
  • Development of runway throughput performance dashboard

Related Issues

  • Pair-wise separation
  • Runway capacity
  • Runway occupancy time
  • Runway throughput
  • Separation minima
  • Separation time
  • Wake turbulence categories
  • Wake turbulence separation
  • Weather dependent separation