Maintaining aircraft means balancing budgets and resources to achieve the best aircraft availability. This balancing act is complicated by uncertainty; maintenance is inherently unpredictable.

AARE or aircraft availability and resource estimator offers a management decision support tool to determine the impact of changes to budgets and resources on the fleet availability (and vice versa) based on realistic reliability data, and it is specifically tailored to cope with uncertainty.

It provides the user with valuable insights into the relation between fleet availability, resources and budget.  It supports you with your financial planning, and set realistic availability targets, such as your On Time Performance.

AARE serves different purposes. It can help you with your financial and operational planning in an existing operation. However, you can also use it if your operations change or of you prepare for fleet changes, such as the introduction of a new aircraft type. It also offers an interesting learning experience for managers and management trainees.

AARE can be tailored to your needs. If you have specific questions, for example about the impact of condition-based maintenance or performance-based contracts, we can discuss the options to tailor aare to your needs.


Aircraft availability and resource estimator