Development of a learner experience platform and recommender algorithm for tracking performance and providing recommendations for learning

The Challenge

To ensure readiness and availability of fifth-generation air force weapons platforms and systems, maintenance personnel must be flexibly deployable and have the correct competencies and qualifications for aircraft maintenance. To meet these demands effectively, current training of maintenance personnel must change from a formalised, classroom, pre-planned and one-size-fits-all training strategy to a more distributed and personalised training strategy.

The Solution

In collaboration with BlueTeam, a training application was developed that allows part of the pre-flight inspection to be practiced at each student’s individual level. Easy and harder difficulty levels have been added for students looking for more of a challenge. During each scenario, students receive personalised feedback and instructions. During play, data is logged to a Learning Record Store (LRS). This is done via an Experience Application Integrator (xAPI), which translates the data from the training application so it can be stored in the LRS. Additionally, an early version of an observation application was tested.

This app allows instructors to make quick digital notes and evaluate the performance of the students performing a task on the aircraft. Data coming from this application can also be logged in the LRS using xAPI. A ‘recommender algorithm’ was developed for recommending a next learning activity that tracks performance and provides recommendations for learning activities that fit the student’s profile. Finally, a ‘Learner eXperience Platform’ (LXP) demonstrator lets students observe their progress in the various learning tasks and competencies and see and start the recommended training activities.

What we did

To support personalised training, IDTEAM explored the possibilities and benefits of using an integrated digital learning environment also known as a ‘Learning EcoSystem’ over traditional learning means for fifth-generation airforce maintenance. During evaluations with the Dutch Ministry of Defence, multiple components of the learning ecosystem have been prototyped and evaluated. These sessions were carried out with a broad range of users (students, instructors and staff members).


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