The world changes rapidly and this will certainly have an effect on aircraft maintenance. We explored future developments and the consequences for aircraft maintenance in 2030.

We formulated a vision and drew a roadmap on MRO developments up to 2030. We used a scenario planning approach, including a design brainstorm session with experts from the field.

The vision is based on expert opinions on the future developments in society, environment, technology, and services in aviation. These opinions translated in three future scenarios.

Our techno-social-scenario acknowledges the emergence of new technologies, and describes how these technologies help alleviate the hardship of labour and create a sustainable and egalitarian society.

The network-scenario sketches a society with an increased individualism. People receive personalised services and work in networks. These networks are organised by integrators who bring specialists together to perform specific jobs. Hierarchical organisations are becoming extinct.

Our cyber-scenario depicts a word ruled by technology and it shows the dangers of technology through cyber-crime, the misuse of artificial intelligence and other technology-driven perils.

Neither of these scenarios will evolve into our future but these scenarios helped us to identify areas in aircraft maintenance that may change before 2030. We developed a roadmap to prepare organisations for these changes and to stay ahead of the game.

If you want to know what is coming and if are interested in our vision and roadmap, please do not hesitate to contact us.