One of our customers is plagued by a low serviceability of its aircraft fleet. They asked us to identify the underlying technical problems, come up with solutions and implement measures to improve the availability of their fleet.

NLR representatives and the customer’s engineers join forces. NLR bringing in its engineering knowledge and analytical skills. And the customer’s engineers bringing in aircraft system data, knowledge and experience.

The NLR representatives are seconded to the customer where they work alongside the customer’s engineers in a collaborative effort to address the serviceability issues.

They first identify the bad actors; components that impact the fleet availability. Once established, they start at the top of the list of bad actors and work their way down. Their first objective is to determine the root cause of the reliability issue. Our teams aim for the low-hanging fruit.

As soon as they know the cause, they search for practical solutions to resolve the issue. Our teams seek easy fixes. Quite often the solutions are low-tech, for example through procedural changes.

Once a solution is identified, our teams put it in place. And we do not consider our work done before we implement the solutions.