Smart Multi-Functional and Integrated TP Fuselage (STUNNING)

As part of the EU’s Clean Sky 2 program, the aerospace industry is looking for a flight path to sustainability. The Clean Sky 2 Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD) with its 8.5 meter long composite-made fuselage section with 4 meter diameter gives a glimpse of what a next-generation aircraft could be.  While composite materials like thermosets have been increasingly used in airplane construction, large thermoplastic parts are relatively new to the field.

The Challenge

To realise a double-digit fuel burn reduction for the more sustainable Large Passenger Aircraft (LPA) segment, next generation fuselage structure concepts are needed in which cabin, cargo and physical system elements are integrated. The three main objectives for future fully equipped Single Aisle Aircraft fuselages are:

  • Enable a High Rate Production (HRP) of minimum 60 shipsets per month
  • Reduce weight by 1tonne
  • Reduce recurring cost by 1M€

The Solution

An integrated approach based on advanced thermoplastic manufacturing and assembly principles, that will result in a significant weight reduction. To achieve the overall goals, ‘beyond state of the art’ technologies will be developed and verified in dedicated tests up to TRL6. The STUNNING team will apply advanced design principles, innovative system architecture, advanced materials and processes to generate high potential solutions for next generation fuselages.

This approach is expected to result in:

  • a reduction of the CO2 and NOx footprint of the aircraft by 5 to 8%
  • an enhancement of the effective space for passengers and cargo
  • a reduction of manufacturing costs and assembly times and increasement of production rates

What did we do?

The project provides in the development, manufacturing and realisation of a 180° full scale multi-functional integrated thermoplastic fuselage shell, including cabin and cargo floor structure and relevant main interior and system elements.

Addressed topic are:

  • A 180° full scale multi-functional and integrated TP fuselage shell
  • The potential of TP material and its associated manufacturing processes and welding
  • The integration of multiple system functionalities
  • Industrial Readiness taking in account the requested HRP of minimum 60 shipsets per year
  • Advanced simulation capabilities

Project partners

Industry (NL) : Fokker Aerostructures
Industry (EU) : Diehl
Research organisations : NLR, (DLR, Fraunhofer)
Universities : Delft University of Technology
Start : September 2017
Duration : 6 years

STUNNING is funded by the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. This message doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the EU.


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Joachim de Kruijk
+31 88 5114753

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