NUVEON – Augmented reality for maintenance, repair and inspection

Innovative maintenance training that outperforms existing training tools

After the successful demonstrator of the augmented reality goggles in training, AFI, KLM, E&M and Royal NLR have developed a vision of the future use of augmented reality (AR) by maintenance personnel. Since November 2018 this has been turned into an official joint venture called NUVEON.

Through the use of AR, a new and collaborative maintenance training solution was developed that outperforms existing training in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. NUVEON recommends using AR goggles in a collaborative way, facilitating a social and active training environment.

Key is the collaboration between instructor and students allowing them to learn from each other. The benefits are increased understanding of complex system functioning which allows for more effective maintenance operators. A major financial benefit is the possibility to bring the aircraft into the classroom. Aircraft are no longer needed for trainings, leading to enormous savings on logistical costs.

Currently, two product lines are in use for international trainings. One is focused on system understanding, the other on engines maintenance procedures. For more information, see


Engineering Reality (in training)

Anneke Nabben, training specialist at Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), is working with Dutch airline KLM to develop training programmes for maintenance engineers using HoloLens. Their collaboration (NUVEON) has provided evidence of the value of mixed reality for such training.

KLM’s AR venture NUVEON by AREA

NUVEON’s AR solution for MRO addresses training needs by using Microsoft HoloLens to bring a complete virtual aircraft into the classroom. We spoke recently with Wanda Manoth-Niemoller, Director of Commercial Development for NUVEON, to learn how the new venture is progressing.

Four Tech predictions from MRO Europe 2019

With regards to how AR technology could be useful to the MRO industry, the questions has always been how practical and cost-effective its implementation would be.. There seems to be one area of exception, where AR is creating real change—MRO training.

Did you know?

  • NUVEON will integrate AR throughout the MRO chain to improve everyday performance in maintenance
  • Trainees are actively involved in the instruction session, get a better insight into how the system works and are better able to put what they have learned into practice.
  • NUVEON application is available for various AR-enabled devices, such as existing mobile phones and dedicated AR goggles
  • NUVEON aims to address MRO related companies that seek to improve and make their aircraft and aircraft components more efficient and more effective

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