One development which could help to reduce noise pollution further for those living near Schiphol Airport is conducting Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) along fixed approach routes. With a view to introducing these fixed approach routes to the busy day-to-day operations at Schiphol, a traffic merging concept study was performed by NLR. This study involved inventorying solutions for supporting air traffic controllers in efficiently merging two or more traffic flows on fixed approach routes into a single flow.

The NLR’s CORADA (Converging Runway and Approach Display Aid) was developed and validated using NARSIM. A CORADA solution was chosen based on spacing using a ghosting concept. This concept is similar to the MITRE Relative Position Indicator (RPI). The ultimate decision on implementation of the ghosting concept will be taken by LVNL. This decision needs to be as simple as possible (without integrated wind information) and including the option of keeping radar screens free from too much information, e.g. by probing, switching ghosts on and off.

As a continuation trial, the interval management simulations are currently taking place at NARSIM.