Training module

Read and/or download the training module before starting. This explains exactly what is expected from you throughout the 14-day data collection period.

Reference card

Print and use this reference card as a reminder for the data collection. A printed version is also available at your airline coordinator for the FTL study.

When to start with your data collection campaign?

After having:

  • Performed the training module
  • Printed the quick reference card
  • Received your survey code from NLR
  • Downloaded the latest version of the CrewAlert Lite app
  • Set-up the app according to the instructions
  • Entered your survey code in the app

Once you have received the survey code for the CrewAlert Lite app you can start the FTL campaign.

You can decide for yourself when to start your 14 day period. However, we ask you to start with 2-days off duty.

Furthermore, in deciding when to start your campaign, please consider including as much as possible disruptive schedules (i.e., repetitive early starts, late finishes, night duties) and/or duties of more than 10 hours that encroach (part of) the night in your schedule.

We encourage you to start your campaign preferably within one month after receiving the survey code.


  • Don’t give in if you miss out on a few data points, the data is still useful
  • Filling in of the app should never interfere with your flight duties
  • Please do not adjust your living rhythm for sake of the campaign
  • Upload your data at the end of your data collection period
  • Return the Actiwatch (if wearing one) as soon as possible at the end of the 14 days