14/11/2023 - 16/11/2023


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CONGRESS BREMEN - Messe Bremen, Halle 4 & 5 M3B GmbH Findorffstrasse 101 28215 Bremen

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May Kerstens

See you at Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany

To assist you in the development of launchers or satellites, or to support you in the application of space assets and data, we have a broad range of capabilities available.

With our system engineering and aero(thermo)dynamic experience we can assist you in the design and development of  space systems like satellite, payload or launcher, and subsystems like thermal control systems, electronics or antennas. Moreover we have unique capabilities in the area of light-weight composite structures and multi-metal additive manufacturing. We also have available a wide range of test facilities with which we can test, verify and validate your product. This includes environmental and structural testing, but also wind tunnel testing up to (zero-gravity) flight testing.

On the application side we have a long heritage in earth observation and satellite navigation. We are strong in analysing data and combining different sources to extract the needed information.

Basically we are covering the support of the entire development chain, from concept development to qualification and certification.