NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre is a leading centre for aerospace research. Although we operate worldwide, we are rooted in the Netherlands. NLR’s activities have a major impact on society. Our mission is to help make air traffic even safer, more efficient and more sustainable: in the Netherlands, in Europe, and around the world. This is what NLR’s research focuses on, resulting in solutions that can be applied in practice. The organization employs approx. 600 highly qualified staff members and operates state-of-the-art facilities.

NLR develops innovative and comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges facing the aerospace sector. Our activities cover the entire spectrum of Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation (RDT&E), from validation and verification to qualification, simulation, and evaluation. As such, NLR bridges the gap between research and practical applications, working for both government and industry, at home as well as abroad.

Our expertise contributes to the innovative and competitive strength of Dutch industry. NLR carefully analyses the customer’s needs and requirements and then develops a prototype, after which the customer can take over and start serial production. The Dutch government is also an important customer, with NLR providing ‘building blocks’ for the development of aerospace policy.

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