Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and NLR sign partnership agreement

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and NLR sign partnership agreementA signing ceremony was recently held to mark the conclusion of a partnership agreement between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and NLR-Netherlands Aerospace Centre. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on behalf of HvA by Gerard van Haarlem, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, and on behalf of NLR by Marja Eijkman, Manager of the Aerospace Operations Division.

HvA and NLR aim to work together on a number of spearheads with major innovative and societal impact. The collaboration will enable both organizations to conduct research more effectively by setting up joint long-term research programmes. Students participating in these programmes will benefit from more focused and integrated internships and graduation projects. The partnership will eventually make an important contribution to the innovative and competitive strength of the Dutch aviation industry.

Exchanging knowledge
An important aspect of the partnership concerns the exchange of staff and students between HvA and NLR and between HvA, NLR and companies operating in the Dutch aviation industry. In concrete terms, NLR will offer a number of 20-week internships and graduation projects every year that will be optimally geared to HvA’s bachelor’s programme in aviation. The exchange programme will start in 2017. The partnership is focused on five specific research areas: Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO), Safety Optimization, Human Factors, Flight Operations, and Capacity Management. The partnership between HvA and NLR is one of the results of the Dutch government’s policy of strengthening collaboration between research and education organizations at the regional and national level.

Aviation Academy
The Aviation Academy is a valuable player in the European aviation industry. Current and new generations of aviation professionals are constantly faced with international challenges within the industry. The Aviation Academy brings them the skills and knowledge needed to cope with these challenges. It is based on sound education, research and a qualitative connection with the industry.