From 20 to 23 April a training course with STRATA Engineers was held at the NIBRAS Aerospace Park in Al Ain. The Desert Tulip participants KVE Composites, VisionWaves and NLR provided a four-day training course. VisionWaves’ focus was on knowledge transfer regarding the management of a complex organization. To this end the BizMapâ„¢ methodology was introduced, linking strategy to operations and which is embedded in the VisionWaves software. KVE Composites and NLR zoomed in on composite technology, covering subjects like automated composite manufacturing and ‘design for manufacturing’, in which the theory was illustrated with case studies. The training was well attended and the combination of technology and management has been well received.

For the next phase of the knowledge transfer program the workshop participants will be given the opportunity to visit the Netherlands and attend a practical training. STRATA is producer of composite aircraft parts for among others Airbus and Boeing.

Desert Tulip
A number of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in the aviation sector, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, embarked on the Partners for International Business (PIB) program, which is aiming at strengthening cooperation with the UAE in the field of materials, in particular on composites. This PIB program dubbed ‘Desert Tulip’, consists of promotion through trade fair participation, economic diplomacy and knowledge transfer towards the partners in the UAE. The PIB participants are Akzo Nobel, Avio-Diepen, KVE Composites, NLR, TNT and VisionWaves. Minister Kamp of the Ministry of Economic Affairs launched the Desert Tulip Knowledge-to-Knowledge (K2K) program at the end of 2015 in Abu Dhabi at the STRATA premises. Desert Tulip is led by NLR, KVE Composites and VisionWaves.