HIKARIHIKARI (which means ‘light’ in Japanese) aims at pursuing and bringing one step further the cooperation between Europe and Japan in the field of high speed transport (HST).The primary output from HIKARI will be technology roadmaps relying on synergies between several existing concepts for High Speed Transport brought by the partners.

In this project NLR will evaluate the noise performance of a pre-cooled turbojet engine for high-speed transport during the landing and take-off phase of the flight. Based on engine- and jet noise models, a noise analysis will be carried for the pre-cooled turbojet engine at ICAO certification points. A comparison will be made with maximum allowable noise levels as provided by ICAO Annex 16 and where possible, certification noise levels of relevant aircraft (for example the Concorde) that are available in open literature.

High-speed-high-altitude air transport, albeit in the form of space tourism or high speed transport, is an area on the frontier of knowledge, that can be expected to play a significant role in future air transport. Participation in HIKARI will allow NLR to gain insight in the expected noise emission of high speed aircraft. This in turn enables support of the Dutch government with future policy making. Furthermore, emerging HST operators could benefit from this knowledge as noise emission will influence the deployment of their fleet.

For more information on this project visit: http://www.hikari-project.eu  or contact Marthijn.Tuinstra@nlr.nl.

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