Naar een stillere leefomgevingIn collaboration with the Acoustical Society of the Netherlands (Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap) and X-noise, NLR recently organised an Acoustics Symposium under the theme: ‘Innovating together for a quieter environment’.

NLR organised this stakeholders meeting with the aim of bringing together people who are involved in devising, developing, testing and applying innovations focused on achieving a quieter living environment.

In the Netherlands, a substantial amount of research is conducted focusing on reducing noise disturbances. Many organisations subsequently make good use of these findings. Cooperation and a mutual exchange of information are therefore crucially important for progress, and we aim to contribute to this endeavour.

The latest developments in the field of acoustics in the Netherlands were discussed: sensor development, wind-turbine noise, aircraft noise and military-related noise. To be successful, it is important that developments in the Netherlands find connections with those elsewhere in Europe.

NLR gave a presentation about the desired innovations in the field of aircraft noise, as viewed by the European Aerospace industry. In addition, attention was given to the framework of the European Future Sky research program, ‘Quiet Air Transport’, and the possibilities for participating in this program.

The symposium was well-attended by some 40 representatives of industry, government ministries, research institutes, SMEs and universities. The presentations given at the symposium can be downloaded via the following links:

1. Welkom Introduction NLR JFH AkoestiekSymp 3oct2014
2. Presentatie DNW CH Acoustic testing
3. Presentatie MinDef PH Noise abatement 3.0
4. Presentatie Fokker Technologies AB Overview Noise Reduction
5. Presentatie Sorama RS How valuable is sound vision
6. Presentatie ECN KB Wind turbine noise an ECN perspective
7. Presentatie NLR HB Airplane noise in Europe