Space security

On 20 and 21 November, the Ministers of the ESA Member States decided to invest 10.1 billion euros in space programs for the next three years. The Netherlands will contribute 187 million euros to the mandatory programs and 127.6 million euros to the optional programs. “Investing in space is to invest in the economy” said Mr Dordain, Director General of ESA. This decision is a major boost for the Dutch space industry in general and the space program of  NLR in particular. Thus the Netherlands will be able to maintain its leading position in various space activities and also preserve highly qualitative employment in this sector.

The desicion directly supports the strategic ambitions of NLR in space. The continuation of the User Support and Operations Centre (USOC) at ESA / ESTEC in Noordwijk is assured, where the ISS operations are supported. The Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program allows for the continuation of research in the field of thermal management of satellites. Finally, the ESA program creates the opportunity for NLR to conduct research for manned space activities (Space Expedition Corporation) and the development of composite aerostructures for launch vehicles.

With its space research NLR plays an important role in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of government, industry and technological organizations. “With our knowledge and skills in the field of space we directly contribute to the development of innovative and competitive products and services in the Netherlands,” said General Director of NLR Michel Peters.

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