IVW signs oversight agreement with NLR
IVW signs oversight agreement with NLR

Inspector-general Jenny Thunnissen (IVW) and CEO Michel Peters (NLR) have signed the agreement.

The Transport and Water Management Inspectorate (IVW) and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) have signed an agreement aimed at reducing administrative and oversight costs.

According to the agreement, the IVW empowers NLR to engage inspectors from within its own organisation to approve minor changes to NLR research planes. IVW inspectors will only visit NLR to determine if the inspection process is being properly managed.

The agreement will be further expanded. It is the first such oversight agreement between the IVW and a company in the aeronautics sector. IVW inspector-general, Jenny Thunissen, and Michel Peters, NLR executive director, signed this agreement on 2 November, 2010, in Amsterdam.

The National Aerospace Laboratory conducts applied research for the aviation and aerospace sectors. NLR possesses wind tunnels for aircraft tests, flight simulators, research planes, and other leading research facilities. NLR employs approximately 700 people. NLR offices are located in Amsterdam and Marknesse.