The future is not a gift. This is the central message during the presentation of the publication ‘Emergo’ to the minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

In ‘Emergo’ six knowledge organisations for applied sciences – joined in TO2 Federation – show how they work together with companies, researchers and government to establish international challenges and to strengthen further the top position of the Netherlands. ‘Emergo’ illustrates a number of projects with a significant social and technical scientific impact.

Leading position
Netherlands has already built up a leading position when it comes to water, air and shipping, electronics, agriculture, energy and information technology. But international competition is growing rapidly and the global issues require serious attention.

To maintain and further strengthen this international leading position (through innovation) an important role is put aside for the six knowledge organisations for applied sciences, namely TNO, ECN, MARIN, Deltares, NLR and the research institutes of the Wageningen University. Together they form the Federation TO2. Through the Federation TO2 these knowledge organisations have joined forces to work together to provide added value in the field of applied knowledge so that the Dutch government and industry remain competitive.

The release shows a number of special projects which have been established together with the government and Dutch industry. Read ‘here’ the digital version of ‘Emergo’.

Picture: Offering ‘Emergo’ to minister Maxime Verhagen (right) and left Michel Peters (NLR)