Mark van Venrooij

Mark van VenrooijMr Mark van Venrooij (born 1965) has been appointed as manager of the Aerospace Systems Division of NLR-Netherlands Aerospace Centre, with effect from 1 September 2016. His appointment means he will also become a member of the NLR Management Team. Mark succeeds Eddy Pijpers, who left NLR after more than 30 years with the organisation.

Mr Van Venrooij studied aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology and joined NLR in 1991. In his first position at NLR, he performed operational analyses of exercises and operations conducted by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. He was later appointed as programme leader of various research programmes, and has served as head of the Defence Operations department since 2007.

Mr Van Venrooij has a deep knowledge of the industry, and has gained extensive experience in applied aerospace research for both the public and private sector, particularly for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Mark attaches great importance to close collaboration between the private sector, the public sector, and knowledge organisations like NLR. “NLR is always seeking to apply its comprehensive systems expertise and advanced technologies to promote innovation at the Ministry of Defence and throughout the industry. Integration of new technologies is essential to our customers.”
Mark van Venrooij has a partner and is the father of two sons.

NLR’s Aerospace Systems division consists of four departments: Aerospace Electronics & Qualification, Flight Test & Certification, Defence Operations, and ISR & Space Utilization