Michel Peters (NLR) en Jaiwon Shin (NASA)NASA’s Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Dr. Jaiwon Shin and National Aerospace Laboratory NLR of The Netherlands General Director Michel Peters signed two cooperative agreements in the field of air traffic management in Amsterdam today.

“NASA and NLR share a mutual interest in optimizing airport surface traffic,” Shin said. “The collaborative research emanating from these two agreements will help our airports avoid surface conflicts, reduce delays, eliminate congestion, and improve efficiency benefiting all airline passengers.”

One agreement relates to cooperative research in reducing air traffic congestion in the terminal area. The other agreement outlines cooperation in predicting conflicts to increase safety and optimizing airport surface traffic to reduce delays thereby saving fuel while reducing noise and emissions.

These agreements will lead to a mutual beneficial collaboration in research. Since both NASA and NLR have independently developed tools for efficient terminal operations, the collaboration will validate these tools and concepts through simulations and operational trials with airlines, airports, and air navigation service providers.

According to Peters, NASA and NLR are already working together in several areas like aircraft noise modeling and simulation. ‘We recognize the need for international co-operation to achieve innovations for aviation, ensuring global interoperability. Our extended co-operation is a logical step forward to mature new technologies for applications in Air Traffic Management.

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