Recently a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between CEGIS from Bangladesh and NLR. Intention of the MoU is to pursue scientific and technical cooperation related to space technology and derived applications, spatial information applications and data management strategies, as well as to explore business opportunities in areas such as projects and studies on climate change, climate adaptation, disaster risk mitigation and reduction and integrated environmental analysis in Bangladesh.

Director Mr Waji Ullah of CEGIS and CFO Mr Leo Esselman of NLR officially signed the MoU in Amsterdam after discussing and presenting joint opportunities in the Water, Food & Climate Services market of Bangladesh, in order to support recently initiated and future bilateral programmes like the Bangladesh Delta Plan, Blue Gold Project, Satellite for crops, Flood Early warning systems, etc. NLR can offer amongst others satellite based alert systems and (open) satellite data portals to provide and enhance improved information and communication infrastructure, together with Bangladesh (like IWM) and Dutch partners (like Deltares).

With this infrastructure a basis for future sustainable services can be created for Bangladesh and Dutch companies and NGO’s (see also  and for example BRAC) in their joint quest to fight food, water & climate related problems in the Bangladesh delta.

For more info contact Peter Dieleman (Manager Space Department).

NLR CFO Leo Esselman and the Director of CEGIS Mr Waji Ullah just signed the MoU

NLR CFO Leo Esselman and the Director of CEGIS Mr Waji Ullah after having signed the MoU