On 4 October 2012 at NLR Flevoland, NLR and AutomotiveNL are hosting a knowledge arena ‘light constructions’. The aim is to inform you about new developments in knowledge and technology in the field of lightweight constructions.

Weight reduction

Developers are currently focusing on energy-saving solutions for a cleaner world. The automotive industry in particular is searching for innovative concepts for reducing energy-use while retaining mobility, including in traffic and transport. One of the core issues for energy saving is weight reduction. Each kilo that we do not need for accelerating or decelerating directly results in energy and cost savings. Owing to reductions in loaded weight, carriers can transport more freight, which directly results in fewer transport movements and less traffic congestion, which when combined leads to significant energy and cost savings.


The introduction of electric vehicles is a fact. However, developments are still needed in order to meet all the requirements of the end users. Not having air-conditioning (including heating) is unimaginable in the automotive world, but this costs a lot of energy. In addition, end users expect electric vehicles to be quiet. Noise-insulating materials, construction concepts and solutions for thermal requirements are important and must be combined with lightweight, affordable but ‘green’ solutions in order to satisfy the end user.


Over the last decade, a great amount of research has focused on new materials for reliable and structural composite constructions that are lightweight. Such constructions have already been applied in the aerospace industries. Automation in the manufacturing of these components is achievable using techniques such as ‘fibre placement’, ‘filament winding’, ‘overbraiding’, ‘pultrusion’ and ‘resin transfer moulding’. Composite sandwich constructions are an ideal material – light, strong, stiff and also insulating. In addition, there is room to apply CO2 neutral natural fibres and recyclable materials that are ready for use in the automotive industry.

Reasons enough for showing you the areas in which NLR is currently working and for you to see how knowledge and developments in the aviation and aerospace industry can be applied in your products for the automotive industry.


12:00 Reception with lunch

13:00 Welcome and introduction

13:10 Presentation “Lightweight constructions at the NLR”

13:40: Presentation “Development bearing components for composite monocoque Lamborghini Aventador”

14:10: Presentation “NLR capabilities in automotive noise reduction

14:40: Tour: Composites laboratory – Testing house – C-scan facilities – Fibre Placement Machine

16:10: Discussion

16.25 u: Networking at drinks reception

You can register to participate (Dutch only)  in the event by email, preferably before 1 October 2012: automotive@nlr.nl, including your name, company and number of participants. Participation in this event is free of charge.