Flamingo Airport on Bonaire

A consortium consisting of NLR and engineering consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV has signed a framework contract with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to provide integrated consultancy and engineering services for the aviation sector and airports in the Netherlands proper and the islands of Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands.

The Dutch government believes that good accessibility of the nation’s airports both by land and by air is essential in order to strengthen the international trading position of the Netherlands. In the coming years, NLR and Royal HaskoningDHV will work on a range of aviation, transportation and environmental issues and provide advice to the different airports on aircraft operations, aviation safety, the environment, spatial planning and traffic flows, all with a view to optimising airport accessibility.

NLR and Royal HaskoningDHV possess complementary expertise and are able to approach the complex issue of accessibility from various perspectives. NLR has a long tradition in developing innovative technology and providing policy advice aimed at making aviation and the aviation sector in the Netherlands safer, more efficient and more sustainable, while strengthening the competitiveness of Dutch industry. Royal HaskoningDHV company NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) possesses extensive expertise in optimising the landside accessibility of airports, including environmental, economic and design aspects. Royal HaskoningDHV also provides consultancy and project management services.