The National Aerospace Laboratory , NLR is accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA as ‘Qualified Entity’. There are strict European rules that a Qualified Entity must meet. NLR  has tailored its processes, and after an extensive investigation EASA has accredited NLR as a Qualified Entity. Through this accreditation, specially selected experts of NLR may perform complete certification projects on behalf of EASA and may advise the Agency on specialised (certification) issues.

NLR receives EASA accreditation

NLR is, as one of the few organisations, widely accredited. The accreditation involves  different areas including product certification, with specialism in structure, avionics, human factors and noise. Next to that, NLR is accredited to perform certification and oversight activities on special operations, pilot training, flight simulator training devices and Air Traffic Management / Air Navigation Services.

Next to the current certification support NLR provides to both civil and military industry and military aviation authorities, the addition of the European civil aviation authority further complements NLR’s certification portfolio. Through strict approved procedures, a code of conduct and oversight, any conflict of interest is prevented.