Joint Fight Striker (JSF)

Recently, NLR has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Lockheed Martin with the aim of providing six NLR employees to Lockheed Martin in the F-35 program.

Four NLR employees will participate in Lockheed Martin’s Test and Verification team and two positions are potentially available in LM’s Sustainment team. The support under contract to Lockheed Martin is foreseen until the end of the F-35 Design and Development phase.

Specific content of the functions will be determined in the first half of 2012. Lockheed Martin and NLR are planning to have the first employees on site at Edwards Air Force Base and Fort Worth before the summer of 2012

By actively participating in the F-35 program NLR will gain in depth understanding of the test planning and execution of the intended successor of the F-16 in the Netherlands. The knowledge and practical experience gained in the innovative ways of testing and verification of the F-35 is very valuable to both the Netherlands Ministry of Defense and Dutch industry. Consequently, NLR will be in an even better position to support their customers.

Photo: From left to right: J.D. Mc Farlan, Lockheed Martin VP Test and Evalution; LtGen J.H.M.P. (Jac) Jansen, (now retired) Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force; and NLR CEO M.A.G. (Michel) Peters. LtGen A. (Sander) Schnitger has succeeded LtGen Jansen as Commander of the RNLAF.

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