On Monday 19 November, the official kick-off event for the SCOTT project was held at the School of Air Control in Nieuw-Milligen, part of the Air Operations Control Station Nieuw-Milligen (AOCS NM) of the Ministry of Defence. AOCS NM is the command centre of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and monitors and coordinates all military flight operations in its assigned area of responsibility.

SCOTT (Smart Controller Training Tool) is a program that can create realistic tactical simulation exercises using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The official launch took place in the presence of Colonel M.E.P. Zeemeijer EMSD (commander of the AOCS), staff members and students of the School of Air Control, and the developer of the program, NLR.

SCOTT offers new possibilities for the education and training of Fighter Controllers. In the past, manual adjustments often had to be made to training simulations, a very labour-intensive process that offers only limited possibilities. SCOTT uses AI technology, which can introduce unpredictable elements into the training programme. This results in drills and simulations that resemble real-life situations more closely, thus ensuring higher standards of education and training. In developing SCOTT, the Ministry of Defence will make grateful use of the knowledge and experience available at NLR.

The programme will be delivered in three phases. Each phase is followed by an evaluation, allowing the developers to make interim adjustments and adapt the programme to the wishes and requirements of the AOCS.

The SCOTT tool is expected to be implemented by mid-2019, and the first phase of the programme will be tested in the first quarter of 2019.

SCOTT enables the AOCS to educate and train professionals as effectively and rigorously as possible. This allows the Ministry of Defence to take a big step forward in realizing a ‘Fifth Generation Air Force’ at AOCS Nieuw-Milligen.