TNO and NLR sign cooperation agreement

NLR logoDuring the 2010 NIDV Symposium and Exposition, attended by Jack de Vries, the Dutch State Secretary of Defence, TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and NLR (National Aerospace Laboratory) signed a cooperation agreement.

This cooperation agreement calls for TNO and NLR to explicitly strive to share key facilities and undertake far-reaching collaborative efforts aimed at satisfying the increasing demand among clients for faster technological developments and the safe and optimum deployment of personnel.

The knowledge and market positions of these two organisations seemingly offer much common ground for collaboration. Moreover, the fact that both organisations have very similar objectives, working methods and client portfolios, provides a solid foundation for constructive future partnership. TNO and NLR will approach the development of knowledge from various angles.

The Hilas project, which measures pilots’ work pressure, and SUPRA, a new method of training for unforeseen situations that occur while airborne, are two examples of the type of projects TNO and NLR have collaborated in to date.

TNO logoTNO and NLR have great confidence in the successful continuation of this partnership, which has now been formally established.