On February 2014 Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 was published, laying down requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes. According to this regulation European airports (with paved instrument runways longer than 800 meter) need to be certified at latest on January 1st, 2018. This certification replaces the existing national aerodrome certification, based on ICAO Annex 14.

Although existing national regulations and the new EU regulation have a similar basis, significant differences (gaps) may exist between both regulatory frameworks. This may lead to non-compliances of existing airports with the new regulation that did not exist before.

In order to achieve certification the European airports have to deal with these non-compliances. In this paper the European Regulatory Framework is shortly described, and the reasons for differences with existing national regulatory frameworks are addressed. Mechanisms for dealing with non-compliances are described, and a process for selecting the proper methodology is presented.

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