Strategy plan 2022 – 2025

During the strategy period through to 2025, we are laying important foundations for achieving the climate targets set by the European Green Deal and ACARE (Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe), we are supporting the Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands in the initial implementation steps of its vision for 2035, we are helping resolve issues within society through the Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy (MTIB) and we are taking steps towards putting the implementation agenda of the Aerospace Memorandum into practice. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the aerospace sector to come out of the coronavirus pandemic in a stronger position.

This strategy plan explains what we are aiming to do and how we are going to make a success of it. NLR has a pioneering role in the Netherlands as the link between science, the commercial sector, society and governmental bodies. In our vision, we are focusing on 2035 and, where possible, on horizons beyond that.

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