Do you need
What we have
  • A reduction in the number of people impacted by aircraft noise?
  • Improved understanding of what elements of aircraft noise are most annoying?
  • More efficient communication with the general public about aircraft noise?

In-depth knowledge about airport operations, its resulting noise and the impact that this noise has on people living close to and further away from airports.
The specifics that we deal with are:

  • Impact of non-acoustical factors that lead to aircraft noise annoyance
  • Applicability of metrics other than Lden (e.g. Number Above, Time Above) for noise impact calculations
  • Impact of low frequency noise
  • Virtual reality simulation of aircraft and wind turbine noise
  • Effect of attitude, frequency and exposure on the annoyance levels experienced
  • Effects of noise sensitivity on heart rate and blood pressure

Related Issues

  • Aircraft noise exposure
  • Aircraft noise impact assessment
  • Aircraft noise optimisation
  • Aircraft noise visualisation
  • Airport noise communication
  • Airport noise information management
  • ANNA (Aircraft Noise Non-Acoustical)
  • Community noise
  • Community noise simulation
  • Environmental impact assessments (noise)
  • Environmental noise
  • Noise nuisance
  • Virtual reality noise simulation