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What we have
  • To investigate how to repair, reuse, recycle aircraft components
  • To design and manufacture aircraft structures based on Circular Economy principles
  • To introduce Circular Economy practices in airport operations
  • To implement Circular Economy principles in airline operations
  • To comply with Circular Economy or other sustainability regulations
  • To know more about Circular Economy and how it can benefit the aviation industry

Over its 100 years of existence NLR has developed many of the skills which are indispensable for implementing circularity in aviation:

  • Extensive and in-depth experience with maintenance, repair and refurbishment practices
  • Knowledge of design, for civil and military aviation applications and for non-aerospace products
  • Expertise in airport sustainability operations and community engagement
  • Knowledge of and expertise in policy assessment and development, notably in terms of environment and sustainability
  • Facilities to test or prototype circular designs for aircraft and for airports
  • A space for innovation and co-creation activities, NLR Living Lab

Companies and governments all around the world are shifting from a linear economy (take, make, use, dispose) to a circular economy, in which resource and energy loops are closed as much as possible. This is not only more sustainable from a material, energy and emission point of view, but it also results in a better business case and improved societal conditions.

NLR is researching how circular economy principles can be applied to the aviation industry, in the domains of aircraft, airports and airline operations, by:

  • Designing, developing and testing technical concepts meeting circular economy requirements within aviation;
  • Developing tools that enable the implementation of circular measures within aviation;
  • Creating awareness of the topic of circularity within the aviation sector and society, through our own channels and together with other experts and stakeholders together with other experts and stakeholders.

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